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Gregory IT Support Services

General User IT Support Issues (also for pensioners)

We specialize in computing support services for both smaller companies and individuals. In particular home users might be interested in startup support or solutions to problems on an individual personalized basis.

  • Smaller companies often don't have the time to have on site support and need flexibility.
  • Computers and the internet are being forced on all individuals and generations now, even pensioners are sometimes unwillingly being faced with them to maintain contact with distant family members etc. Need any help in this direction?

We'll try and keep things simple... Our expertise ranges from:

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BEWARE:   If you receive a call from Microsoft Support (often someone with an Indian accent) saying your computer has a lot of errors and they will fix it for you, this is a Scam to gain hidden access to your computer. Believe me I've seen it happen live to a customer.
Don't do want they ask, if you have the time and want to have a little fun, play the role of a really dumb user. They will eventually hangup and not call again and the all will probably have cost them too.


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